1% Payment Plan

Rizwan Sajan, Founder and Chairman, of Danube Group started his journey from being a milk seller to building a billion-dollar conglomerate in UAE and now he is responsible for building dream houses for expats in the Middle East with his revolutionary 1% payment plan. He is a Forbes award-winning entrepreneur and known as the 1% Man in Dubai.

The 1% payment plan is a way to complete the aspirations of every expat in Dubai to possess their own dream home and relish the luxuries this vibrant city has to offer. Apart from a small down payment of around 20%, the buyers have to make a monthly payment of 1%, and the balance is collected once the building is ready. For more than a decade, Danube Properties has delivered over 15,000 properties via this plan. 

Danube Properties is the first developer in the region to start this revolutionary 1% payment plan. It exemplifies the commitment to providing affordable luxury to investors.

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